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Who are we buying from?

We have purchased and sold domain bundles since 1999. We are often the original owners of a domain, sometimes the second owner.

Domain aging

We offer Longevity. We’ve owned some of the domains included in our bundles for 5, 10, and even some for over 20 years.


We’ve chosen because we’re dedicated to offering our potential clients a risk-free purchasing experience. By partnering with, we ensure that you feel confident and secure throughout your domain purchase journey.’s reputation is renowned for safeguarding both buyers and sellers. This ensures all funds and domains transacted through their platform are held in trust. It offers the world’s most secure payment method from a counterparty-risk perspective.

Can we break a bundle up?

On this we cannot say yes. It’s a bundle and the value is in the bundle. You own the entire TLD bundle to increase brand protection and to reduce potential brand dilution issues.

What do I get when I make a purchase?

Each domain name bundle will indicate the exact domains you will be receiving and the total number of domains. Transparency counts.

Can I make an offer on a domain bundle? 

Yes! If you would like to make a reasonable offer on a bundle, please use our contact form. We will always consider an offer; however, our pricing may not be negotiable (( on every )) domain bundle. Let’s talk about it.

How did you determine the price?

The pricing of the bundle takes into account various factors including:

– Duration of our ownership
– Keyword popularity
– Market trends in other sales
– Value of the niche

Is there a structured scheduled payment plan I can utilize?

Yes! You have options. provides the ability to utilize a structured scheduled payment plan as a lease, or a purchase. The payment plans have a minimum term of 3 months and a maximum term of 60 months. To learn more about the plans CLICK HERE.

How do I pay for the domain bundle? accepts many forms of payment. From credit card, wire transfer, to PayPal. To learn more about the forms of payment accepts CLICK HERE.

How long will I own the domains I purchased?

Once fully purchased, you will have full control of and exclusive registration rights to the domains. All domain names must be re-registered every year by paying your registrar of choice. As long as you maintain your registration every year, you will maintain ownership of the domain for as long as you want to own them.

How do I update or modify my DNS, URL forwarding, and other domain settings?

Once fully purchased, you will have full control of and exclusive registration rights to the domains. If you elect to use’s structured payment plan they have established means for the client to technically control the domains while the client fulfills their payment obligations.